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Alkakiza This week I have requested a sample of an alkaliza drink sachet. YOu are supposed to mix it with 2 litres of water and drink it throughout the day. This thing that I find most interesting about this product is that it is claimed  the taste of the drink can indicate how healthy you are and possible what health issues you may need to look at. I am very curious to find out what it tastes like to me.

I have never really looked into the alkaline diets before, but I am willing to give it a go, apparently I should be able to feel benefits to my health after drinking just 2 litres of the drink. Which is how much the sample is. I will tell you all how it went for me after I have received my sample and have had a chance to drink it all down.

I found this offer along with many others at Free Stuff My Way, which is a site you can join for free and collects free samples and offers from all over the internet and what is better is that the site caters for us living in New Zealand so we don’t have to wade through a whole buch of international offers that we are ineligible for anyway.

And if you enter your email using the link below, you will also go into the draw to win $1000!

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