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audibleThis week I found a free audio book download on Free Stuff My Way. It is supplied by audible by amazon, who want you to open an account with them and will let you download your choice of audio book for free as a reward. After signing up I could see what looked like the entire catalogue of amazons audio books to choose from. This is a massive list, I was almost paralyzed with choice.

I have been wanting to finally read Moby Dick and now that this opportunity presented itself I thought I could save some time by listening to it on the bus as an audio book. Sure enough after doing a search, there it was narrated by Frank Muller. You don’t have to be a classic novel lover like myself, there are plenty of books to choose from including modern popular novels such as the hunger games.

I would never have know about this offer if it wasn’t for Free Stuff My Way, who deliver me an email each week showing what is available for free to those of us living in New Zealand. You can get access to this NZ list by joining Free Stuff My Way as well as being entered in the draw to win a $500 gift card. In the 6 months I have been a member, I have never received spam, only a newsletter every week showing me the newest free stuff offers available.

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