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This week I found an offer for a free sample of a powerful peroxide cleaning solution. According to the website it can be used to clean anything that is not harmed by water, so pretty much anything I guess. I have used peroxide to clean before and found it to be extremely effective although special care had to be taken with metals.

I am very much looking forwards to trying out my free sample and letting you all know how it works. I have even started to save up some tough cleaning jobs to use the sample on. Apparently the product, called Concentrate 128, has three major active ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, which is a very powerful oxidizing agent that make a great cleaner, Surfactants, reduce the surface tension in water, like a dish detergent does and orange oil, taken from citrus peels and great for cutting through anything sticky. The make up of ingredients mean that this product is 100% biodegradable and is green seal certified.


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