Free Ethiopian Coffee Sample

EthiopianCoffeeToday on Free Stuff My Way I found an offer for a free Ethiopian coffee sample. I am not sure I have ever tried an Ethiopian coffee before or even what it tastes like. But that is what free samples are for, trying new things and seeing what you might like. I have no idea what to expect with this one, but am excited to find out what it is like.

Ethiopia has a long history with the coffee bean. Coffea Arabica L. has been growing in the wild forests of the South-western highlands of Kaffa and Buno districts of Ethiopia for 1000s of years. Ethiopia is the primary center of origin and genetic diversity of the Arabica coffee plant. Ethiopian culture has created several different types of coffee that these days we might label as a speacilty coffee and I am very much looking froward to trying one of these exotic brews.








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