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NuZestAgain there was lots to choose from on the Free Stuff My Way website this week, but finally I settled on requesting a sample of NuZest product. I requested one Good Green Stuff and one Clean Lean Protein sample to try out. Requesting the sample was straight forward, entering a few details and agreeing to be on the mailing list as seems standard with requesting samples these days. Any legitimate company will never give your email to anyone else and will allow you to unsubscribe, so I really don’t worry too much about giving out my email address, After all, if all else fails and as a last resort, I can simply mark¬†any offender¬†as spam.

Anyways, back to NuZest, from what I could read about on their website, NuZest gives us solutions to our extra nutritional needs using natural ingredients in a convenient and easy to take formula that you actually look forward to taking. They also take pride in the name of their products describing exactly what it is. There is an impressive natural ingredient list in their products and i very look forward to trying it out for myself.

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