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Compeed SampleI got my sample from Compeed in the mail to day. They have sent me a large blister patch and three invisible cold sore patches.

The cold sore patch acts like a second skin and creates the perfect healing environment allowing the cold sore to heal more quickly to get rid of that cold sore fast. The blister pad acts as a band-aid would protecting the blister from further damage and allowing  the blister to heal. whats more is as soon as you start using the patch it will reduce pain and pressure while walking. The adhesive keeps the patch in place so that it does not slide or fall off.

I was able to get this and many other free samples thanks to Free Stuff My Way, a website that lists a huge amount of free sample offers and if you join and sign in, it will narrow he field down to those offers that are available to your area. This is very useful to those of us who are living in New Zealand.

Sign up here:

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