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Nuzest sampleWow that was fast. I requested my free sample from Nuzest and received it in the mail less than a week later. Again I got a nice letter telling me about the Nuzest products and offering me a 10% discount on any purchase made in the next couple of months.

The sample came as two single serve packets, one of the ‘Clean Lean Protein’ and the other as ‘Good Green Stuff’. I mixed the protein powder in a mug of milk and had a lovely mild vanilla flavor, very pleasant indeed. The ‘good green stuff’ is just that. It contains a massive list of plant ingredients that add up to an incredibly nutritious concoction of a deep green colour. Was extremely easy to gulp down and give my body a good portion of my nutritional needs in one hit.

You can get your free sample from their website here: Free nuzest sample

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