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JLovableLabelsust got my free sample of labels from Loveable Labels in the mail. The sample was very generous including for me, 15 separate labels with my name (printed next to the cute little owl graphic that I requested) clearly printed on each.

These little labels are impressive in quality, made with a seemly heavy gauge plastic and backed by an adhesive that sticks to all of the surfaces I tried very firmly. I couldn’t wait to try them out so I stuck them to my notebook and coffee cup. They peeled off of the backing paper very easily and the gauge of the plastic/paper ensured that the labels wouldn’t get damaged easily. They stuck to the surfaces very readily and although enough time hasn’t passed to properly judge, I can easily imagine that the claims of Lovable Labels are true. These labels do seem to be designed tough and I could imagine them still stuck firmly after heat, moisture and day to day wear.

I found this offer on Free Stuff My Way and there are plenty of free samples on offer. Sign up for free and have a look and you will also be in the draw to win $1000.

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