Free sample of Dots Laundry Powder

DotsLaundryPowerI recieved in my mail box last week, my free sample of Dot’s Laundry Powder. This is the single load sample for top loader washing machines. Now it is time to get down and do my washing. The first thing I noticed upon opening the packet was that there is a nice fragrance to this powder, mild and very pleasant. I had a large load of reasonably dirty clothes ready to go so I put it on and followed the instructions on the back of the packet.¬†Everything went very well and when complete, I was left with a bundle of clean, fresh smelling clothes. I would be more than happy to use this product again.

I got this free sample from the Free Stuff My Way website, a free site to join, they collect all of the best free offers from around the internet and deliver them to you based on your location. This means you won’t waste your time filling out offers for US only products and will be shown only the ones available to us in New Zealand.

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