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Are you concerned about the effects your hand soap may be having on your skin? Or simply after a sample of a great product to try out? Uncle Earls Soap is ready to send you a free sample of their All Natural Skin Healing Soap.

soap can have a negative impact on your skin and leave it dry and unhealthy. Uncle Earl’s offers you an all natural solution that you can try for free just for signing up to the mailing list!




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2 Responses to “Free Sample of Hand Soap

  • Carol Brunton
    6 months ago

    I am doing up gift bags for rest homes for Christmas for approx 100 residents and was wondering if you could give me some samples of anything to help fill the little bags…. Some elderly get no visitors or gift and I want to brighten their day

    Carol Brunton


    • FriedaSample
      6 months ago

      Hi Carol,
      I I do not send out samples directly. Only find links to companies giving out free samples.
      Also, it is good idea to be careful posting your home address and phone number publicly on websites.

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