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free sample post it noteYou all have used Post-it notes before, right? Do I have to say anything about how handy they are?

Fine, Ok. Post-it notes are small pieces of fun colored paper with a strip of pressure sensitive adhesive on the back. You can write, draw or list anything on them. then stick them to almost any surface where they can be seen to remind anyone of anything. When you are finished with the note, it easily peels off leaving no residue or damage to your surfaces.

3M are happy to send you a sample, just click the button below and fill in a few details.


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2 Responses to “Free sample – Post-it Note

  • Jaimee
    1 year ago

    Stink… offer available to Australian States only 🙁

    • FriedaSample
      1 year ago

      It is a New Zealand only offer though, from NZ branch of post-it. They must have gotten the form wrong, I would try selecting any old state, hopeful they can make sense of it. Sorry about that Jamiee.

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