My free sample of Anchor Trim Butter Spread

AnchorTrimDairySpreadI got a letter in the mail this week and opened it to find my voucher for one free 500g tub of Anchor Trim Butter Spread. I rushed to the local supermarket and came home with the product in tow. My first impression was the size of the serve. I was honestly expecting a small to reasonably sized sample of the spread, but to my surprise, the sample size of 500g was the full sized product and is very generous indeed!

I had already planned to have potatoes with my evening meal and dropped a bit of the spread on them. They tasted just fine. Where the spread really impressed me was on toast. It states on the packaging that this spread has 50% less fat that margarine (The sample was the ‘trim’ option), but I found that it had at a great deal better flavor than margarine. Much closer to the taste of fresh butter than any spread I have tasted.

I would say that this product is a fantastic alternative to butter if you are trying to reduce fat in your diet because it tastes much better than other lower fat options. Remember that I got this sample absolutely for free by joining Free Stuff My Way. They have a huge list of free offers, samples and giveaways gleaned from all over the internet and they have specifically catered to those of us who live in New Zealand.

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