Win an iPhone

iPhone 6sJust announcing a new chance to win an iPhone 6s.

If you hadn’t noticed the sudden appearance of the iPhone 6s in the left side bar, this is just a quick post to let you all know that you just have to click the link, fill in a few details, answer a simple question about freebies and choose your colour. That’s it, you will now be in the draw to win!

Win iPhone 6s! 

6 Responses to “Win an iPhone

  • Ella-k Pihea
    1 year ago

    I’d honestly love to win a Rose coloured IPhone, I’ve been saving money but I’m no where near as I only work on the weekends so please, I’d really love an IPhone 6s, thank you!

  • Panitahi
    1 year ago

    please choose me i have always wanted a iphone 6s it would just be a dream come true my parents would never buy it for mr and i dont have the money so please

    • FriedaSample
      1 year ago

      I don’t choose, Panitahi!:)
      Best of luck with the draw though!

  • Patrick Falwasser
    1 year ago

    Never had an IPhone don’t know what the buss about iPhone????

    • FriedaSample
      12 months ago

      Android girl myself, but iPhones are the most popular! 🙂

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